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I was extremely skeptical of this diet until my reproductive endocrinologist suggested I do it since nothing else had worked to allow me to ovulate in 9 years. I started ovulating immediately after doing the 40 days of Phase 2 and got pregnant within 2 months! Not to mention I lost tons of weight too! This diet also allowed me to lose the baby weight.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

HcG diet recipe phase 2 P2: CLOUD / OOPSY BREAD low carb

Since the "outlaw" of over the counter hcg in the USA, I'm now seeing a weight loss doctor that prescribes hcg injections and gives me a weekly check up. I have found it more informative than the few times I did the hcg diet with the drops. Although she uses the original protocol as a base, she also goes by blood type, allergies, etc. She has me on a vegetarian protocol which is why I'm deviating from the original protocol in the past. I've actually had more success!

3 eggs, carefully separated
1/2 t cream of tartar
2 T fat free cream cheese or cottage cheese
couple of drops of stevia

Beat the egg whites and cream of tartar until stiff peaks form. Beat the remaining ingredients, including the yolks, together in a separate bowl. Fold the yolk mixture into the egg whites. Drop large spoonfuls onto seasoned pizza stone or parchment lined cookie sheets. Bake in a preheated 300° oven for 10-16 minutes. Watch carefully! You want them to be lightly browned. See photos.

Now I've seen many blogs where they tell you to cool completely then to store them in a ziploc overnight, but let me tell you, I found them soggy and gross. I love them fresh out of the oven either plain, sprinkled with cinnamon and stevia or served with Walden Farms pancake syrup.


HCG Newbie 2018 said...

Amazing! thank you. I am new to this diet and different recipe ideas are so helpful.

Patricia Koenig said...

How many can we eat? Does it count as your protein?

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