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I was extremely skeptical of this diet until my reproductive endocrinologist suggested I do it since nothing else had worked to allow me to ovulate in 9 years. I started ovulating immediately after doing the 40 days of Phase 2 and got pregnant within 2 months! Not to mention I lost tons of weight too! This diet also allowed me to lose the baby weight.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

HcG DIET RECIPE PHASE 3 P3: Low Carb No Bake Cookies - low carb atkins diabetic friendly ketosis

Combine and heat over medium heat. Bring to boil then remove from heat.

1/4 C heavy cream
1 1/2 T unsalted butter
2 T unsweetened cocoa
1 1/2 T Xylitol
pinch of sea salt

Fold into chocolate:
1/4 C natural almond butter
1 1/2 C unsweetened toasted coconut flakes
(Spread out in baking pan. Cook 5 minutes in 350° oven.)

Scoop in mounds onto wax paper or silicon mat.

HcG DIET RECIPE PHASE 3 P3: 7 Layer Mexican Salad - low carb atkins diabetic friendly ketosis

In a glass bowl or dish, layer in which ever order you want. I personally like the lettuce & cheese furthest away from the beef.

1 lb cooked ground meat with 1/2 t each paprika, chili powder & oregano, 1/4 t each sea salt & cumin, cooled
4-6 T guacamole
4-6 T sour cream
1 - 3.8 oz can sliced black olives
3 chopped roma tomatoes
2/3 head lettuce, chopped
1 C shredded cheddar/jack cheese

Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Serve with salsa.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

HcG DIET RECIPE PHASE 3 P3: Fiesta Baked Chicken - low carb paleo atkins diabetic friendly ketosis

Place boneless skinless chicken thighs in baking dish.

Saute 1 chopped onion, 2 cloves minced garlic, 1/2 - 1 C sliced or diced bell peppers of different colors, and 1 jar drained nopalitos (cactus, found in the Mexican food section of your grocery store) in 1 T olive oil. When there's no more liquid in pan and and it's starting to sear, turn off heat but leave on burner. Add 1/2 C cream cheese and stir until melted. If you like a little kick to it, mix in 2 T salsa. Spread over raw chicken. Sprinkle 1 - 1 1/2 C shredded cheddar cheese over. Cover and bake in preheated oven 375° for 50-60 minutes, or until chicken is cooked through.

I served this with Loaded Cauliflower.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

HcG DIET RECIPE PHASE 3 P3: Vanilla Bavarian Cream - low carb paleo atkins diabetic friendly ketosis

Soften 1 T unflavored gelatin in 1/4 C cold water. Dissolve it by setting in a pan of hot water & stirring well.

Meanwhile, separate 3 eggs. Beat yolks with 1/4 C xylitol (low carb, atkins, diabetic, keto) OR 1/4 C honey (paleo) until foamy. Stir in gelatin and 1/4 t vanilla paste (buy here). Set aside.

Whip egg whites stiff. Add 1/8 t sea salt then another 1/4 C xylitol (low carb, atkins, diabetic, keto) OR 1/4 C honey (paleo).

Whip 1 C heavy cream until stiff peaks form. PALEO: Use full fat coconut milk. No whipping necessary.

Combine cream & egg whites. Fold into yolk mixture. Chill.

HcG DIET RECIPE PHASE 3 P3: Skillet cumin & paprika chicken with vegetables - low carb paleo atkins diabetic friendly ketosis

Over medium low heat, heat your skillet with a little olive oil. Add defrosted boneless, skinless chicken thighs that have been sprinkled with cumin, salt and paprika on both side. Also sprinkle with oregano, if desired. Allow to cook without flipping for 4-8 minutes. You'll know when to flip them when they are starting to brown. Flip and add vegetables of your choice. Today I added quartered brussel sprouts, onions and minced garlic. Also consider, leeks, mushrooms, bell peppers, asparagus, etc. Cover and allow to cook for another 4-6 minutes. Stir gently and cover again for another 2 minutes. Serve immediately If you're not paleo, serve with shredded cheddar cheese.

HcG DIET RECIPE PHASE 3 P3: Bulletproof Chai Coffee - low carb paleo atkins diabetic friendly ketosis

Traditionally I know Chai is tea instead of coffee, but I love bulletproof coffee and this is my take on the marriage.

1.5 C hot, strong brewed coffee
1 T grass fed butter (I use Kerrigold but for you Paleos, use ghee)
1 T coconut oil
1/4 t ground cinnamon + more to top
1/4 t ground ginger
stevia, xylitol or honey (paleo) to taste

Put all ingredients in a blender and mix until frothy. Pour into a mug and serve immediately.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

HcG DIET RECIPE PHASE 3 P3: Crumbled Pizza Souffle - low carb diabetic friendly keto ketosis

This isn't truly a souffle but it reminded my husband & me of one, sort of :)

In a medium skillet, over medium heat, scramble 4 eggs, 4 T almond flour, 4 T cream cheese, 1/4 t baking powder and 1/2 t Italian seasonings until cooked through. Place on plate. the add a few tablespoons of low carb marinara sauce on top and a few tablespoons of mozzarella along with any other low carb toppings.

Serve immediately.

Friday, September 18, 2015

HcG DIET RECIPE PHASE 3 P3: Matcha Latte - low carb diabetic friendly keto ketosis paleo

In a blender:
1 C hot unsweetened almond or cashew milk
1 T coconut oil
1 t matcha green tea
1/8 t unsweetened vanilla
stevia (or honey if you're paleo) to taste

Serve immediately.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

HcG DIET RECIPE PHASE 3 P3: Mexican Chicken Bites

Add to oven proof skillet on medium-high heat:
1 1/2 lb cubed chicken
1/2 C chopped onions
2 cloves minced garlic
1 T olive oil
1/2 C chopped bell peppers
1 t salt
1 t paprika
4 dashes chili powder
2 dashes cumin

Cook until chicken is cooked through but before browning, add:
1 drained jar nopalitos (cactus) - find it in the Mexican food section

When chicken is browned on all sides & there's no more liquid in the skillet, sprinkle cheese over and bake in preheated oven 425° for 3-4 minutes: 1 C shredded cheddar cheese

Remove skillet from oven and sprinkle bacon with dollops of sour cream:
6 slices cooked, crumbled bacon
4 T sour cream

Serve immediately.

My 6 year old: "Wow, Mom! It smells like bacon, rice and burritos. What are we having for dinner?"
Me: "Not sure. I'm making it up. It's chicken, veges and spices now."
My 6 year old: "Well, it smells like a restaurant. Good job!"
He ate all his dinner and so did my 3 year old. I served their portions over rice.

HCG Diet Phase 3 P3 Foods to eat - This are the foods that work best for me

Traditionally these are the foods you can eat and add in during the first 3 weeks of P3 - Click here

But I've found that these foods actually work better, keep in mind to stay under 22 carbs per day and watch your "bad" fat intake with oil, cream, butter, etc. And as always, read every label to make sure it doesn't have any hidden sugars, starches, etc. The first 4 times I did P3 of the HCG diet, I counted calories and still gained weight even with steak days. The past couple of times, I stuck with a low carb diet, didn't necessarily pay too much attention to the calories but definitely to the carbs. I like to stay in the 15 carb range the first week and up to 20-22 the 2nd & 3rd weeks. The 4th week I add fruits sparingly...and still no weight gain which means no steak days!

Flounder, Salmon, Herring, Sardines, Sole, Tuna, Trout, Cod, Halibut
Cornish hen, Chicken, Duck, Goose, Pheasant, Quail, Turkey, Ostrich
Crab, Oyster, Clams, Mussels, Shrimp, Squid, Lobster, Crayfish/Crawfish
Bacon, Beef, Ham, Lamb, Pork, Veal, Venison

Butter, NSA (no sugar added) Mayo, Olive oil, Vegetable oils, light, sour & heavy cream (limit 3 Tablespoons per day), Stevia (read labels for hidden additives), Unsweetened almond milk

Dressings:  - SPARINGLY
Caesar, Ranch, Bleu cheese, Balsamic vinegar

Limes, Lemons (limit 3 Tablespoons of juice per day)

Parmesan, Chevre, Bleu, Cheddar, Gouda, Mozzarella, Cream cheese, Swiss, Feta, Havarti, etc.

Bourbon, Vodka, Rum, Scotch, Gin, Tequilla, Whisky, Brandy, Cognac, Mezcal, Red wine, White wine

Nuts & seeds, including their flour or butters: (read labels) - SPARINGLY
Almonds, Cashews, Unsweetened coconut, Hazelnuts, Macadamia, Pecans, Walnuts, Peanuts, Pine Nuts, Pinon nuts, Pistachios, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds

Sprouts, Chicory, Endive, Escarole, Watercress, Arugula, Radishes, Spinach, Bok Choy, Lettuce, Turnip Greens, Heart of palm, green and black olives, Mushrooms, Artichoke, Collard greens, Dill pickles, Sauerkraut, Avocado, Onion, Zucchini, Cucumber, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Okra, Rhubarb, Swiss Chard, Asparagus, Bell Pepper, Eggplant, Kale, Turnip, Tomato, Jicama, Yellow squash, Cabbage, Green beans, Brussel sprouts, Spaghetti squash, Pumpkin, Garlic, Snow peas

Sunday, September 13, 2015

HcG DIET RECIPE PHASE 3 P3: Brownie Mug Cake in Microwave - low carb & gluten free

Mix all ingredients & pour it into a mug:

2 T melted butter
3 T almond flour
1 1/2 T coconut flour
1 1/2 T XyloSweet or other sweetener
1 T unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 t baking powder
1 square 100% Ghirardelli chocolate, chopped
1/4 t unsweetened vanilla
pinch sea salt
1 egg

Microwave 1 minute.
Serve with whipped cream if desired.

Approx 550 calories & 7 net carbs.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

HcG diet recipe phase 2 P2: Quick Pickled Cucumber Slaw

1 Cucumber, julienned
1/2 t amino acids
1/2 juiced lime
salt & pepper, to taste

Mix and all ingredients in a bowl.
Allow to rest for a few minutes.
Drain well.

Monday, May 11, 2015

HcG diet recipe phase 2 P2: "BREAKFAST" TACO

I know, I know what you're going to say. That corn tortillas aren't on Dr. Simeon's original protocol. Here me out. One corn tortilla is 50 calories. Because I'm gluten free anyway, I can't have a melba toast. So occasionally I sub a corn tortilla (or half of one) for melba toast. I personally have never had a stall or difference in my weight loss when I do have a corn tortilla. I have 1 - 2 corn tortillas per week with absolutely no problems. It sure is nice to have a little variation during phase 2!

In a non-stick pan, scramble 3 egg whites with 1 egg. Salt & pepper to taste. Place on a corn tortilla. Top with HcG diet approved salsa (optional).

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

HcG diet recipe phase 2 P2: Roasted Radishes

I'll be honest, I don't like radishes. In fact of all the times I've done this diet, I've never had them. Well, that changed today and actually forever. I'm in love with roasted radishes now! This might be my new go-to vegetable recipe.

1 bunch radishes, trimmed & quartered
1 t coconut oil
salt & pepper to taste
juice of 1 lemon OR 1 T water & 2 drops dōTERRA Lemon essential oil (NO calories!)

Preheat oven to 500°. In an ovenproof skillet, heat coconut oil until shimmering. Add radishes, season with salt and pepper and cook over high heat stirring occasionally until lightly browned in spots, about 2 minutes. Transfer the skillet to the oven and roast for 15 minutes. Return skillet to the burner and add lemon juice or water/essential oil. Optional: add the radish greens. Cook over moderate heat until greens are just wilted, about 2 minutes, or until liquid is gone. Serve hot.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

HcG diet recipe phase 2 P2: Tuna & Apple "TAPAS"

Mix well:
100g tuna canned in water, well drained
2t - 1T dill (no sugar) relish
2t mustard - I used a no sugar horseradish mustard
Salt & Pepper, to taste

Top tuna salad on slices of a small apple.

Friday, April 10, 2015

HcG DIET RECIPE PHASE 3 P3: Bacon Avocado Jalapeno PIZZA - low carb gluten free diabetic friendly

Not just ok, no this truly is spectacular.
It actually bends like a thin crust pizza, no fork necessary!

Mix: 1 1/2 C shredded mozzarella & 2 T cut up cream cheese. Microwave for 1 minute. Stir. Microwave another 30 seconds.
Stir. If it's needed, another 30 seconds.

Quickly add 3/4 C almond flour & 1 egg at room temperature. Stir well.

On a seasoned pizza stone or parchment lined pan, spread with spatula or wet fingers.
Prick with fork all over to prevent bubbles.
Sprinkle with garlic salt.

Bake in preheated oven 425° for 20-24 minutes, should start to brown on top.

Meanwhile: cook 8 strips of bacon, remove and crumble.
In the drippings, saute 1/2 chopped onion, 1 t minced garlic & 1 sliced jalapeno.

Remove pizza crust from onion. Sprinkle 1-2 C shredded mozzarella on top. Then the bacon and the cooked onion mixture. Bake another minute or two or until the cheese melts.

Remove from heat and add 1 avocado, chopped. Allow to sit for 5 minutes before serving.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

HcG diet recipe phase 3 P3: Saucy Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Quarter 2 C Brussel spouts. Toss with 1-2 T olive oil, 1 clove minced garlic and 1 t sea salt. Spread on a baking pan evenly and roast at 400° for approx 20-40 minutes, turning every 10 mintues.

Meanwhile make the sauce:
3 T stevia
1/2 C hot water
2 T Red Boat fish sauce
2 T fresh lemon juice
2 t Sriracha hot sauce (NomNomPaleo has a great homemade Sriracha recipe!)
1/4 t pepper

Mix all together and bring to a slow boil over medium heat. Then remove and toss sauce in with the hot roasted Brussel sprouts.

HcG diet recipe phase 3 P3: Coconut Lemon Cake - gluten free & low carb & Diabetic friendly

1 C almond meal
1 C unsweetened shredded coconut
2 t baking powder
2 T stevia
1 t psyllium husk
1/4 C melted butter or coconut oil
3 eggs
zest & juice of 2 lemons

Pour into a greased and lined ring tin. Bake at 350° for 23-30 minutes or until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean.

Cool completely.

1 C cream cheese, softened
1 C nonfat, unsweetened Greek yogurt
zest of 1 lemon
1 T stevia

HcG diet recipe phase 3 P3: Pizza Casserole - low carb & gluten free

1 # Italian sausage
8 oz sliced mushrooms
1/2 C chopped onions
1 fresh poblano or pasilla pepper or bell pepper
1 t minced garlic

Cook until onions are soft, about 5 minutes.

Place in bottom of greased baking dish.

In a bowl, mix:
4 eggs
1/2 C marinara sauce
1/2 t basil
3 1/2 oz chopped pepperoni
1 C mozzerella, shredded or chopped

Pour over meat mixture.

Bake at 350° for 45-55 minutes or until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

HcG diet recipe phase 3 P3: Poblano Ham Crustless Quiche

Heat 2 T olive oil in a medium skillet over medium heat.
1/2 chopped onion
1 t minced garlic
1/2 chopped fresh poblano or pasilla green pepper
1 C chopped mushrooms (optional)

Cook until onions are soft.

4 slices left-over or thick deli ham, chopped
Stir until slightly browned.

In a large bowl, beat 6 large eggs, 3/4 C heavy cream, 8 oz shredded or cubed cheese (I used swiss, mozzarella & cheddar). Stir in the onion mixture and salt & pepper to taste.

Pour into a greased pie plate. Bake at 375° for 45-50 minutes or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.

Allow to rest 10 minutes before serving.

Friday, March 27, 2015

HcG diet recipe phase 3 P3: LOADED CAULIFLOWER

I've seen many Loaded Cauliflower recipes float around.
This is the one I came up with.

6 C cauliflower florets, steamed or boiled for 8-10 min
8 strips bacon, cooked & crumbled
3 T snipped fresh chives
1/2 C plain, nonfat Greek yogurt
1/2 C sour cream
1 C cheddar cheese, shredded
1 t sea salt
1 C sliced mushrooms
1/2 C chopped onions
1 t garlic
1 T olive oil

3 T snipped fresh chives
1 C cheddar cheese, shredded

Sautee mushrooms, onions & garlic in olive oil until soft & browned. Mix cauliflower, bacon, chives, yogurt, sour cream, cheese, salt & sauteed vegetables in a baking pan. Top with remaining chives and cheese. Bake in preheated oven 425° uncovered for 15-20 minutes.
Serve immediately.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

HcG diet recipe phase 2 P2: Strawberry Spinach Smoothie - Complete meal on the go

Although I am a purist sticking closely to Dr. Simeon's protocol, I have found a few variations that work extremely well for me. For example, 1 C plain non-fat Greek yogurt for a protein. (I get mine at Costco.) I'm on my 3rd week of the 6 week protocol currently and I lost 1.4 lbs this morning from yesterday morning. My average is .8 lb per day so I'm not being hindered by it at all.

This is a great choice for when you're on the go or to put in an insulated cup so that you have it cold for later on. Sometimes I pick up a large size cup of ice from Sonic and put the smoothie in there. Love it.

2 C fresh spinach leaves - I usually do 2 handfuls
4-5 medium strawberries, hulled
1-2 cubes ice - optional
1 C plain, non-fat Greek yogurt
1/2 - 1 C water
stevia, to taste

Blend until smooth.

Monday, March 9, 2015

HcG diet recipe phase 2 P2: GRAPEFRUIT FRAPPE

1/2 Grapefruit, sectioned & squeezed
still or carbonated water
stevia, to taste
2 cubes ice

Mix in blender.
Serve immediately.