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I was extremely skeptical of this diet until my reproductive endocrinologist suggested I do it since nothing else had worked to allow me to ovulate in 9 years. I started ovulating immediately after doing the 40 days of Phase 2 and got pregnant within 2 months! Not to mention I lost tons of weight too! This diet also allowed me to lose the baby weight.

Monday, July 8, 2013

HCG DIET Phase 2 (P2) RECIPE : Chicken Cabbage Scramble

Saute in a non stick skillet:
100g chicken
2 cloves minced garlic

Half a head of chopped cabbage
1 t organic mustard
homemade chicken or vegetable stock
salt & pepper to taste

Saute until liquid is gone. 
Serve immediately.


Getena Compton said...

what is the caloric intake for this dish?

Kimber said...

Approx 161-175 calories

edie said...

How much brooth

Barbara Laurie said...

For higher calories like 800 calories (which I follow by the way) make it 5 oz. chicken. This is one of my favorite dish even after hcg diet. Yummy. Thanks for sharing your recipes. :-)

Kimberly Parker said...

Only had one bite, but this is amazing!

precious e. said...

How do you make a homemade chicken broth? Or is there a substitute for the homemade chicken broth?

Veronica said...

I used 1 teaspoon of broth which was the perfect amount

Kimber Scott said...

To make homemade chicken broth, you boil chicken or chicken bones. Remove chicken after it's fully cooks, reserving the broth and adding salt and pepper to taste.

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